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Sanctuary, N6

It must be thirty years since I last set foot in Highgate Cemetery. I’d completely forgotten how atmospheric and tranquil a spot it is. The volunteers who maintain the grounds (the private company  that originally administered them bailed out in … Continue reading

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Architectural follies (pt 286)

The Paddington Pole may be history, but there’s another monstrosity on the way. Simon Jenkins uncovers a new threat to the London skyline. Eager to dress it up as “art”, [Renzo] Piano is quoted in the Architects’ Journal mouthing the usual architect’s … Continue reading

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The new capital

I spent most of last weekend walking and cycling around central London. A chance to get reacquainted. Strolling along the Embankment was a joy, but only as long as I didn’t let my eyes linger on the anonymous towers that … Continue reading

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Architects vs people

The Swiss Cottage Tower, another example of how the experts and the planners seem determined to keep getting it wrong.

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“The problem of architecture as I see it,” he told a journalist who had come to report on the progress of his surprising creation of ferro-concrete and aluminium, “is the problem of all art — the elimination of the human … Continue reading

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For much of the time that it was a resort serving the Georgian power elite, Bath was a building site where finely dressed visitors in brocaded coats, hoop petticoats and sack-back dresses shared the narrow streets with sweaty labourers in … Continue reading

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A useful folly?

I still haven’t made up my mind about the Garden Bridge over the Thames, but this interview with the designer, Thomas Heatherwick, has nudged me towards the “yes” camp: The Garden Bridge is based on the idea that the best … Continue reading

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The planners

How they tried to destroy Bath (my home town) in order to save it.  A “Look at Life” report from 1968.

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The city that never was

An exhibition in Berlin exploring Albert Speer’s grandiose plans for Germania, the rebuilt capital of the Third Reich. [Via SlowBerlin]

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Mussolini’s suburb

The Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, Rome, also known as “The Square Colosseum”. I took this photo on holiday this summer while exploring the district, south of the city centre, known as EUR (Esposizione Universale Roma). Strange, very strange. I don’t imagine … Continue reading

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