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I should have paid more attention. Until this morning, I had no idea that the economics editor of the Guardian was in the anti-EU camp: When I voted for Brexit on 23 June, I did so for three reasons: because … Continue reading

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Early on in the war small-denomination Reichsmark coins began to disappear rapidly, as metal was needed for other purposes. By 1919 all the low-value denominations had vanished. Enter the ersatz Mark and the ersatz pfennig, usually made not from metal, … Continue reading

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Britain’s last deep coal mine is being shut down: “The National Union of Mineworkers, which used to have more than 500,000 members, is left with just 100 following the closure of Kellingley.” What an incredible statistic. I couldn’t help thinking … Continue reading

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Will the robots eat our jobs?

 Intelligence Squared are playing host to Walter Isaacson & Co in Westminster tonight, debating whether the age of automation is going to liberate us or wipe out whole professions. (£30 seems a lot to charge for a ticket, but maybe … Continue reading

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“Bob Dylan’s career-long exploration of regional American music has finally reached Las Vegas.” The snarky way of announcing  the singer’s Sinatra project. How a country haemorrhages people: Portugal’s emigration crisis. Beyond parody. A story for our times. “If you’ve ever wondered what happens … Continue reading

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Amazon – friend or foe?

Franklin Foer lays out the case for the prosecution in the New Republic: In confronting what to do about Amazon, first we have to realize our own complicity. We’ve all been seduced by the deep discounts, the monthly automatic diaper … Continue reading

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The rise & rise of organisation man

“They may fantasize trashing the office, but they do nothing effective about their rage.” A look at the past and present of office workers.

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The End of History revisited

In my experience, the people who denounce Francis Fukuyama the loudest are the ones who haven’t actually read his book. Twenty-five years on from the publication of the original essay, he believes his thesis is in pretty good shape: In … Continue reading

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On Wall Street

I’m really looking forward to reading Michael Lewis’s latest, “Flash Boys”. Here he is, talking to the New Republic’s Isaac Chotiner: IC: I was wondering how spending so much time with Wall Street people and on Wall Street has changed you ideologically. … Continue reading

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Statistic of the week

Unearthed by Pew Research demographer Conrad Hackett: Cost for a year at: Harvard $56k Nursing home $84k NYC jail $168k

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