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The footballing Fates

He was a contemporary of Raheem Sterling. Then he got injured. Now he’s at Cambridge. The story of a player whose career was over at the age of 16: [U]nable to play football, he decided to concentrate on his studies. … Continue reading

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He recalls an Eton beak who experimented in “de-Platonisation” – this meant going with his pupils to the local playground, getting on the swings and shedding what the beak called “the high-flying, over-intellectualised life of the imagination.” [Adam] Nicolson thinks … Continue reading

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Etonians, it is alleged, have problems with such banal conventions as the traffic code. In the old days they disregarded licensing laws. Among Etonians (the accusation has been levelled at myself) the existence of a servant class is taken for … Continue reading

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So you want to be a teacher?

If so, it might be worth avoiding avoiding Chicago. “The video below is not a parody. It shows… a professional development session that will make you understand why teachers are going out of their minds.”

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