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A murder victim or murderer who didn’t speak much to the neighbours on either side of him is someone who always “kept himself to himself”. This is essentially shorthand for “I couldn’t find out a damn thing about him.” It … Continue reading

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The Times then was a newspaper like no other in the world, an institutionalized anomaly, a national fact of life standing somewhere, perhaps, between the BBC and the Lord Chamberlain’s Office, with detectable undertones of the College of Arms… Even … Continue reading

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In black & white

Well, that was a depressing read. Very good book though. The evidence against  O.J. Simpson looked pretty convincing back in 1994. I just hadn’t realized how overwhelming it really was. No one, from the prosecution to the defence and the … Continue reading

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New journalism, old journalism

Gothamist interviews Robert Caro about his Robert Moses and LBJ biographies. Ever the investigative reporter, he can’t resist asking some questions of his own. For instance, how do the journalists at Gothamist know how many people are looking at a … Continue reading

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Thirty years ago, I was working at the BBC’s Westminster unit, scraping together sound clips for “Today in Parliament” and “Yesterday in Parliament”. When the Challenger countdown began I didn’t pay much attention to the TV monitors on our desk because, … Continue reading

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An early contender for headline of the year, from The Spectator’s Coffee House: Finally, the world has realised that George Osborne is a hottie.

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Before Tim Peake

In honour of today’s space-walk, a classic front page from 1962.

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There is another quotation which often surfaces when William’s anti-Semitism comes up for discussion. On 15 August 1927 William wrote to his American childhood friend Poultney Bigelow. “Press,” he said, “Jews and mosquitoes… are a nuisance that humanity must get … Continue reading

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Pro tip

“You can’t write about people unless you know what’s on their mantlepiece.” Journalist and mental health campaigner Marjorie Wallace on today’s Desert Island Discs.

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The future of journalism?

Are BuzzFeed, Vox and the other digital newcomers really as innovative as we like to think? Michael Massing, continuing his NYRB series on new media, is unconvinced: When one considers the amount of resources that the sites I’ve mentioned have … Continue reading

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