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These were the days when announcers wore dinner jackets in the evenings, and he explains this practice: “In the evening most of the people of our sort did change into dinner jackets, if they weren’t wearing white ties and going … Continue reading

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On the bench

For the last few days I’ve been reading “Jeremy Hutchinson’s Case Histories”, a biography of sorts of one of the most celebrated defence lawyers of the last century.  (He’s still  alive, and turned 102 this year.) One chapter is devoted … Continue reading

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We don’t know yet what the televising of the conventions will do to American politics, to elections, to the convention system itself. Some of us fear what one good demagogue with a fine voice and a rousing profile might do … Continue reading

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New prime minister, old Labour

Another century, another world. HT @MirrorStyleGuide

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Before comments sections

Stumbled across this yesterday. An HM Bateman cartoon from 1922.

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Pro tip

“You can’t write about people unless you know what’s on their mantlepiece.” Journalist and mental health campaigner Marjorie Wallace on today’s Desert Island Discs.

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When philosophers fight

This is, of course, what happens when you confuse “the world” with “possible world”.  A classic face-off in The NY Review of Books. [Via @aoscott]

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The future of journalism?

Are BuzzFeed, Vox and the other digital newcomers really as innovative as we like to think? Michael Massing, continuing his NYRB series on new media, is unconvinced: When one considers the amount of resources that the sites I’ve mentioned have … Continue reading

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News in the papers of poor Norman Mailer’s breakdown.  One headline said, “Author Mailer Stabs Wife.” Don misread this as, “Arthur Miller Stabs Wife,” and said to himself, “Why don’t they mention Marilyn Monroe?” We agreed that,  if it had … Continue reading

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Is political advertising as effective as we like to think? Sam Delaney’s new book argues that the power of spin is over-rated. Dominic Sandbrook [£] agrees:

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