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Sacred city

From my Times review [£] of Jerusalem’s Sacred Music Festival: Can art trump politics in such a divided city? Last year’s Sacred Music Festival began just days after the end of the Israeli incursion into Gaza, an operation that caused the … Continue reading

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Even when the two sides cooperated, it was agonizing: in 1950, the UN mediated the feeding of the one tiger, one lion and two bears of the Biblical Zoo on Israeli-controlled Mount Scopus and officially explained that “Decisions had to … Continue reading

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Another country

A piece entitled “When ISIS Ran The American South” is not the kind of thing you normally expect to see on the website of a right-wing magazine. Kudos to Rod Dreher. [Warning: graphic content]

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“Hipsters are the new chavs.” It’s all about denigrating the young, says the Evening Standard’s Richard Godwin. Talking of the young… “People in their 30s are starting to notice that you can’t spend all those Facebook likes on a decent … Continue reading

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“For every working journalist in America there are now 4.6 PR people.” The FT on the blurring of the line between news and public relations. Now that he is 80, Leonard Cohen has started smoking again. Should the elderly stop … Continue reading

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The next generation

Israeli children playing by the cement protection walls around the kindergarten in Kibbutz Nahal Oz. [Photo: Menahem Kahana/AFP]

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Soon it became generally accepted that Tutenkhamen had somehow killed Lord Carnarvon. Howard Carter found it necessary to repeat time after time that Tutenkhamen’s tomb contained no biological booby traps, no poison and no curse, but to no avail. The … Continue reading

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The boy victim

I remember reading James Fallows’ original feature on the strange case of Mohammed al-Dura ten years ago. He’s now written a brief follow-up. The story was perplexing then, and it still seems murky — a sort of Rorschach Test for … Continue reading

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