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How to fix the Internet

“For years, the benefits of anonymity on the net outweighed its drawbacks.” Not so now, says Walter Isaacson, who has a few ideas on how to deal with trolling, hacking and cyber-bullying.

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Jeremy Corbyn is winning on Facebook

He may not be doing so well with real voters, but it’s a different story on the Internet. Helen Lewis on a virtual reality revolution: We talk about the “Westminster bubble” but we should talk about the “Facebook bubble”, too. Most … Continue reading

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Politicians, Twitter & the “sneerocracy”

Is Jeremy Corbyn an antisemite? Was Boris Johnson being racist when he mentioned Obama’s Kenyan heritage in that Sun article? I’m not convinced about either case. To be honest, I wasn’t even outraged by that infamous poster of refugees that … Continue reading

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Twitter quote of the day

As we struggled to keep track of the ever-changing post-Brexit news, David Hepworth summed it all up: “I remember when pop music was impossible to predict and politics was rather dull.”

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In defence of Twitter

There’s more to it than ranting and raving. Libby Purves [£] takes issue with Sarah Vine, Stephen Fry and other disillusioned ex-users: It is easy to stay civilised on the site: I pass on review topics, interesting links (or, when feeling … Continue reading

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New journalism, old journalism

Gothamist interviews Robert Caro about his Robert Moses and LBJ biographies. Ever the investigative reporter, he can’t resist asking some questions of his own. For instance, how do the journalists at Gothamist know how many people are looking at a … Continue reading

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The sound of silence

Stephen Fry has given up on Twitter because of all the background noise. His comments reminded me of the advice handed down by Alan Jacobs, a quirky, intelligent blogger with very mixed feelings about social media:

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Distractions, distractions

Should tech companies be doing more to stop us from becoming addicted to our apps? In an essay in The New York Review of Books, Jacob Weisberg introduces us to an ex-Google engineer who thinks we all need help:

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The perfect troll

Yes, the face is all too familiar. [Via Jonah Goldberg]

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Future format?

Mickey Kaus, one of the pioneers of political blogging, is trying out a new Twitterized set-up. Not because he’s wildly enthusiastic about the T-word, but because it offers hope of getting back to the spirit of the good old days:  

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