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The man who had too much of everything

Talent being at the top of the list. From my Times review of a weighty new account of the rise and fall of the genius that was Robin Williams: The warning signs were there that moment in the 1970s when … Continue reading

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We don’t know yet what the televising of the conventions will do to American politics, to elections, to the convention system itself. Some of us fear what one good demagogue with a fine voice and a rousing profile might do … Continue reading

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The most striking novelty of the American landscape today, to anyone who knows it pretty well, is a little box about as big as a prairie schoolhouse. These boxes are trim and white and you see them every thirty miles, … Continue reading

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Boldly going

Was Gene Roddenberry an “incredible, insufferable jerk”? As Star Trek celebrates its fiftieth birthday, Matthew Continetti, a self-confessed Trekkie, presents the case for the intergalactic prosecution: In 1964, after a decade as a freelancer, Roddenberry registered a treatment with the Writer’s … Continue reading

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Blind optimism meets reality. This clip of Steve McLaren during last night’s game  is the perfect summing-up of media coverage of the England team at every tournament in the past 50 years. Hilarious. [Thanks, Krish]

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Ronnie Corbett RIP

“One’s a trade union leader, the other’s a member of the Cabinet…” I thought Ronnie Barker wrote the script, but I was getting it mixed up with another classic, “Four Candles”  The Mastermind spoof is actually the work of David … Continue reading

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Garry Shandling RIP

  Terrible, terrible news. I still can’t believe it. There are so many wonderful Larry Sanders moments, but the one where William Shatner joins the fun has to be one of the best. Celebrities behaving badly. “Try to get him to say … Continue reading

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In black & white

Well, that was a depressing read. Very good book though. The evidence against  O.J. Simpson looked pretty convincing back in 1994. I just hadn’t realized how overwhelming it really was. No one, from the prosecution to the defence and the … Continue reading

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Toe to toe

“Now listen, you queer — stop calling me a crypto-Nazi or I’ll sock you in your goddamn face and you’ll stay plastered!” At last, I got round to watching “Best of Enemies”. Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley swap barbs on … Continue reading

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Revisiting the past: Deutschland 83

Even if the first few episodes have been a little breathless, the Cold War TV drama  from Germany has still made compelling viewing. Ned Richardson-Little — better known on Twitter as @historyned — applauds a series that breaks new ground: … Continue reading

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