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Cambridge politicians

The reviews I remember reading seemed quite sniffy or full of faint praise, but in the end I enjoyed John Cleese’s autobiography much more than I’d expected. If he doesn’t come across as the most warm-hearted of individuals — would anyone … Continue reading

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[I]t was a long established rule in Cambridge colleges that wives — especially wives — were banned from High Table. High Table was the preserve of the Fellows who cultivated self-importance with the same exquisite care that lesser mortals might … Continue reading

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The voice of Blue Labour

A fascinating interview with Maurice Glasman, working-class academic and former guru to Ed Miliband: His biggest influence was clearly his mother, Rivi. She was brought up in a slum in Stoke Newington and Glasman says she was a very conservative … Continue reading

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The footballing Fates

He was a contemporary of Raheem Sterling. Then he got injured. Now he’s at Cambridge. The story of a player whose career was over at the age of 16: [U]nable to play football, he decided to concentrate on his studies. … Continue reading

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