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Even within Harlem and away from white bigotry, Leslie faced marked prejudice against West Indians among American blacks. They were seen as tireless hustlers after everyone else’s jobs; as would-be entrepreneurs up to every sort of trick. Moreover, because they … Continue reading

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Nina’s man

The arrival of “The Philips Years” – seven albums spanning the mid -1960s – gave me the perfect excuse to revisit some of Nina Simone’s most idiosyncratic recordings. The “Pastel Blues” set, for instance, seems to get overlooked nowadays, but … Continue reading

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The war on drugs, 1970

Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker, pastor of Canaan Baptist Church of Christ, delivering an anti-narcotics sermon in Harlem: “The 28th Precinct, where our church was situated, was one of the worst drug centres in New York City. You couldn’t buy aspirin, but … Continue reading

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