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Being black, sounding white

People think his face and his voice just don’t go together. I’ve met John McWhorter and I’ve never been away of any mismatch at all, which just goes to show, I guess, how non-Americans can miss the subtleties: I have … Continue reading

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Talking about Trump, talking about race

Is Donald Trump a racist? Another intriguing Bloggingheads discussion between Glenn Loury and John McWhorter, bringing academic rigour to the subject as well as channeling the thoughts of Joe Six Pack and Mr & Mrs Upper West Side. They loathe Trump; … Continue reading

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Against reparations

John McWhorter takes issue with Ta-Nehisi Coates: [O]versimplification is at the heart of a Coates-style approach to the reparations issue. No, I am not about to say there should be no reparations because black people don’t need assistance, or because … Continue reading

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Effing & blinding, past & present

The ever-readable John McWhorter  turns the air blue in the Wall Street Journal: Novelist Frances Trollope was appalled at the amount of cursing she heard among working people when she toured America in the 1820s. At the turn of the … Continue reading

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