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Jeremy Corbyn is winning on Facebook

He may not be doing so well with real voters, but it’s a different story on the Internet. Helen Lewis on a virtual reality revolution: We talk about the “Westminster bubble” but we should talk about the “Facebook bubble”, too. Most … Continue reading

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New prime minister, old Labour

Another century, another world. HT @MirrorStyleGuide

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The life of a politician’s wife, 1960s

After watching BBC Parliament’s wall-to-wall coverage of the 1966 general election (yes, sad, I know) I couldn’t resist buying Peter Paterson’s biography of George Brown, Harold Wilson’s famously unreliable deputy and the man who inspired Private Eye to coin the … Continue reading

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Not Jeremy Corbyn

Well, I think Margaret Beckett probably meant to nominate Richard Stilgoe.

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Alan Johnson & the decline of social mobility

The memoirist, Orwell Prize winner and lost leader of the Labour Party revisits his childhood haunts in West London. Fine interview by the Indy’s Simon Usborne: Johnson pauses to peer into the playground of Bevington Primary School, just off Goldborne Road. His … Continue reading

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