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He saw it coming

J.G. Ballard writing about social media before it even existed. From an article in Vogue magazine, 1977: [HT: Suzanne Heath]

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A social media health warning

Multi-tasking is the enemy. I should pin this article above my desk, but of course, I’m too busy to print it up. And who prints articles when you can just tweet them and pick up some much-needed retweets along the … Continue reading

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The perfect social media Christmas present

From Private Eye’s Giftmart.

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The racist who wasn’t

“Her tweet was supposed to mimic—and mock—what an actual racist, ignorant person would say.” A cautionary tale of a disastrous attempt at irony:   One year ago today, Justine Sacco was the global head of communications for the digital media conglomerate IAC. … Continue reading

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