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Happy New Year

Kamran Hafeez, The New Yorker. Via @StefSimanowitz.

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The circus brothers

My Times review of Truevine, Beth Macy’s account of the lives of the black albino brothers, George and Willie Muse, star turns in American freak shows: As minor celebrities they appeared in the pages of The New Yorker — usually … Continue reading

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Watching the Selma marchers pass through Montgomery. Part of a set of previously unpublished photos by Steve Schapiro, who covered the third march for Life magazine. [Via The New Yorker]

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In search of John Updike

“He began as a prodigy… and he somehow remained one.”  Louis Menand reviews Adam Begley’s new biography: Like many people who grew up in straitened circumstances in the nineteen-thirties and became financially comfortable in the decades after the war, Updike had … Continue reading

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