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Article 50

Twitter is a Brexit battleground today. I thought I’d feel more passionate one way or the other about the milestone we’ve just passed. Instead I’m just impatient for the whole process to start. I’ve already explained how I voted Remain … Continue reading

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In defence of Twitter

There’s more to it than ranting and raving. Libby Purves [£] takes issue with Sarah Vine, Stephen Fry and other disillusioned ex-users: It is easy to stay civilised on the site: I pass on review topics, interesting links (or, when feeling … Continue reading

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The sound of silence

Stephen Fry has given up on Twitter because of all the background noise. His comments reminded me of the advice handed down by Alan Jacobs, a quirky, intelligent blogger with very mixed feelings about social media:

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Future format?

Mickey Kaus, one of the pioneers of political blogging, is trying out a new Twitterized set-up. Not because he’s wildly enthusiastic about the T-word, but because it offers hope of getting back to the spirit of the good old days:  

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Twitter fakes

There’s a 31 percent likelihood that even he is a bot, apparently.  James Gleick on the rise and rise of not-so-human online voices : Because the Twitterverse is made of text, rather than rocks and trees and bones and blood, … Continue reading

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A social media health warning

Multi-tasking is the enemy. I should pin this article above my desk, but of course, I’m too busy to print it up. And who prints articles when you can just tweet them and pick up some much-needed retweets along the … Continue reading

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The perfect social media Christmas present

From Private Eye’s Giftmart.

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The racist who wasn’t

“Her tweet was supposed to mimic—and mock—what an actual racist, ignorant person would say.” A cautionary tale of a disastrous attempt at irony:   One year ago today, Justine Sacco was the global head of communications for the digital media conglomerate IAC. … Continue reading

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You would expect Clay Shirky,  prophet of new technology and professor of media studies at NYU,  to be relaxed about the idea of students using laptops and other gadgetry in the classroom. He used to be. But he’s had a … Continue reading

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Twitter in a nutshell?

Via Comically Vintage.

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