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A wonderful summer’s day. Bright sun. Hot. Today we wore light suits and cycled. I’m making remarkable progress in this art. Then I lay on the grass, resting my head on my hands and gazed into the deep blue skies. … Continue reading

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New prime minister, old Labour

Another century, another world. HT @MirrorStyleGuide

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There had been almost no French military defence of Paris, so there had been no excuse for the Wehrmacht to hesitate in driving right into the prize. But an awkward lull had briefly prevailed. Waiting outside the city on June … Continue reading

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Patton was becoming infuriated with the one element he could not control, the relentless rain. On 8 December, he rang the Third Army chaplain,  James O’Neill. “This is General Patton. Do you have a good prayer for weather?” The chaplain … Continue reading

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3rd September 1939

From the closing pages of Stefan Zweig’s “The World of  Yesterday”: It was a strange morning. We retreated in silence from the radio… I went into my room and packed my things in a small suitcase. If what a highly placed … Continue reading

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